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Our home inspection can help you buy or sell your home with confidence. As trained professionals we have seen it all, and willl provide invaluable help in turning you into a knowledgeable consumer. Home owners can identify problems in the making and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Sellers can understand conditions the inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs. Our inspection services include:


Buyers Inspection

In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have us give you a professional home inspection. We are trained to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which require immediate attention. See our Inspection Overview for more details.


Sellers Inspection

Whether you are selling your home on your own or using a real estate agent, it is always a prudent idea to have a professional home inspection. Knowledge is power. Since all homes have strengths and weaknesses, we can help you understand how serious the problems are, which must be immediately addressed and which can wait. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation. See our Inspection Overview for more details.


Pool, Spa & Sprinkler System Inspections

We have the experience and training necessary to provide you with an accurate assessment of these often complex features and systems that, if properly maintained, add value to any property.


We Offer the Following Testing Services at an Additional Cost

  • Mold